The Graph Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

The Graph Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030The Graph Coin Overview

Project nameThe Graph
Ticker SymbolGRT
Total Supply10,000,000,000
Based onAPIs for dApps
Launched year2017
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformBinance, Coinbase Pro, Uniswap, OKEx, MXC, Bilaxy, 1inch Exchange,, Balancer
WalletMyEtherWallet, MetaMask.

The Graph Coin Price Prediction: The Graph Ethereum based protocol that helps to build dApps quickly on Ethereum and IPFS. Project said to be next generation indexing protocol scalable queries for decentralized innovation in future. the graph allows the user to build and share open APIs that will be making data widely access. So, anyone can contribute with decentralization along with creating an accessible data economy. GraphQL is a network feature that will help perform data-oriented operations across applications using simple queries.

The Graph having the simple vision of eliminating custom servers that means there is no need to develop and maintain serves. as Graph just required simple engineering and hardware resources for storing and operating data. as of now we already reached the maximum level of the centralized system but blockchain created the opportunity of balancing power for individuals.

The network has introduced a web3 protocol stack that manages to bring maximum scale in decentralization. However, this will create a new wave in dApps and change the approach of software that deploys globally. We know blockchain and storage networks are very difficult to manage, as a data store in it is not directly readable to applications. so, web3 has promised to provide a better alternative than the existing centralized network. using, The Graph user can build next-level applications in DeFi, Governance, Grants & Philanthropy, marketplaces, entertainment, and social.

The Graph Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearGRT Price Prediction
August 2021$0.9945
September 2021$1.8461
October 2021$2.0843
November 2021$2.2391
December 2021$2.5607
January 2022$3.4421
February 2022$3.7100
March 2022$5.6574
April 2022$6.6697
May 2022$7.8012
June 2022$7.2652
July 2022$9.0518
August 2022$9.7068
September 2022$10.8383
October 2022$8.6349
November 2022$10.3023
December 2022$12.2080
March 2023$10.8979
June 2023$11.6125
September 2023$13.1012
January 2025$26.8575
March 2025$24.5351
May 2025$26.3216
July 2025$23.2845
September 2025$26.9766
October 2025$27.8699
December 2025$29.2991
January 2030$51.9286
March 2030$55.0252
May 2030$59.7893
July 2030$62.0522
September 2030$57.2882
December 2030$64.0174

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The Graph Coin Price Analysis

GRT is an ERC20 standard token built on top of Ethereum Blockchain, it is a utility token of the platform that aims to have multiple uses in the ecosystem. as per the data Graph currently procession million indexing and curation for another network like Uniswap, as a platform also offer incentives for providing services. GRT can be earned by the indexer, curator, delegator, and consumer need to pay in GRT, so GRT will be key important in both sharing and consuming the product on the platform.

GRT earning will be proportional to the work they did for the network and how much GRT token they staking. GRT was available for purchase in ICO sale where it was worth $0.03 and after indexing it reaches $0.18 USD i.e., almost 600%. The graph gets approval for listing from top trading platforms including Binance, Coinbase, and Uniswap, and now within 1 day of listing it already enter into the top 100 crypto projects.