About Telegaon

Telegaon is a Web 3.0 website that talks about Cryptocurrencies and provides price forecasts in the long term. We try our best to provide accurate and credible information that we collect from multiple sources. Along with unbiased analysis, we also gather data from AI tools to create a better version of the information.

Our commitment is to create opportunities for crypto traders from beginners to advance. We try to deliver the advanced information and trading hacks such as project analysis, price forecasts, and market trends with a wide variety of sources of information to access the market in an effective way.

Our Vision

Our vision is to educate crypto traders regarding the potential of Cryptos. We aim to provide unbiased analysis and real-time price forecasts by using an AI-powered technical analysis and the historical (sometimes current) performances of cryptocurrencies.

How Telegaon Started?

We find a gap in the Crypto Market. As new Crypto projects are launching daily it’s hard to find which one can be a good choice. When Telegaon started there were limited available resources that can define the potential of cryptocurrencies. As we noticed the response from crypto traders in the initial days, we decided to keep continue to find the potential of cryptos.

How does Telegaon Work?

Our price predictions are based on a deep technical analysis and historical performances of crypto assets. We analyze trading charts and also collect data from various crypto exchanges. However, Telegaon doesn’t claim to be 100% accurate in the future prices of cryptos.

The crypto market is extremely volatile so cryptos prices can often vary from our price forecast. As in the crypto market, nothing is certain, a bull or bear rally can thrash all price forecasts in seconds. Telegaon keeps updating its price forecast as per the current behavior of the market.

We suggest our visitors do their own research before making any investment decision. We don’t provide any investment consulting or financial guidance. The content of this website must not be entertained as any type of financial advice. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please write to us by visiting our contact page.

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Is Telegaon Free?

Yes, Telegaon is absolutely free to use. We don’t charge any type of fees, nor ask for any type of donations for our service.

Is Telegaon Trustable?

Telegaon doesn’t guarantee an accurate price forecast. We always suggest Crypto Traders conduct the maximum possible research before making any investment.

Can we trade in Crypto with Telegaon?

Currently, Trading Services are not available on our platform. Once we start we will announce it on our platform.

How does Telegaon provide Crypto Price Forecast?

Telegaon analyzes the behavior of cryptos through technical analysis and past performances. We also collect data from various crypto forums to make price forecasts.

Who is the founder of Telegaon?

Ravi Ojha and Sahar Nobari are the founders of Telegaon.

How does Telegaon make money?

Telegaon sells advertisement space and makes partnerships with Blockchain projects to generate revenue. We have also a partnership with the world’s largest Blockchain ad network Coinzilla.

Where is the Headquarters of Telegaon?

Telegaon 100% works on a remote basis.