Sushi Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

Sushi Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030Sushi Coin Overview

Project nameSushiSwap
Ticker SymbolSUSHI
Total Supply25,338,499
Based onUniswap
Launched year2020
All-time high$9.2 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Balancer, Sushiswap, 0x Protocol, 1inch Exchange,, MXC, Hotbit, FTX, BiKi, BKEX.
WalletMetamask, Ledger

Sushi Coin Price Prediction: Fork version of uniswap finally makes entry into the Decentralized Finance market with the MasterChef concept. Sushiswap aims to bring evolution In Uniswap and is supported by Sushi Token. Features on the platform will be known as the serving menu, where traders will have the freedom to UniSwap V2 LP Tokens. Sushiswap uses Farms where different dishes i.e. Token listed with APY in percentage (interest rate).

SushiSwap Protocol majorly pushing incentives for participants via staking, where they have introduced Revenue sharing and network effect with AMM Model. The platform changed the reward distribution mechanism as SushiSwap LPs earn 0.25% fees and Uniswap LPs Earn 0.3% of trading fees, in which 0.05% fees will be rewarded to Sushi Holders. LPs earnings will be depended on liquidity providers and LPs will benefit users to earn more passive income from the platform.

Basically, the project is nothing but a combination of Uniswap and MasterChef. SushiSwap aims to provide better Liquidity Provider incentives, where some rewards having more benefits than Uniswap. Users can earn portal of protocol fees and even users cash out their investment or exist pool, they still become stakeholders of protocol considering early adopters. The earning on staking will depend on the number of tokens and the amount of tokens i.e. term as LP Token.

Sushi Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearSUSHI Price Prediction
August 2021$13.7321
September 2021$25.4907
October 2021$28.7799
November 2021$30.9178
December 2021$35.3581
January 2022$47.5279
February 2022$51.2281
March 2022$78.1167
April 2022$92.0955
May 2022$107.7189
June 2022$100.3183
July 2022$124.9868
August 2022$134.0319
September 2022$149.6552
October 2022$119.2308
November 2022$142.2547
December 2022$168.5677
March 2023$150.4775
June 2023$160.3449
September 2023$180.9019
January 2025$370.8490
March 2025$338.7800
May 2025$363.4484
July 2025$321.5121
September 2025$372.4935
October 2025$384.8278
Decemeber 2025$404.5625
January 2030$717.0295
March 2030$759.7882
May 2030$825.5707
July 2030$856.8174
September 2030$791.0349
December 2030$883.9527

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Sushi Coin Price Analysis

Sushiswap bags $700 million worth within few weeks of its launch and it also beat coinbase all-time one-day trading volume. Sushiswap possibly attracting users of uniswap and with their unique rewards and revenue sharing model. Sushiswap as the name suggest along with Masterchef touch they also naming token with fancy and attractive like Tether Turtle, Circle Snail, Compound Truffle. As of writing currently 13 tokens currently available for staking and earning Sushi Token as rewards.

Sushiswap is trending everywhere, as after being in the top Coingecko most searched crypto project, it also makes entry into google trends. As per the report Sushiswap aggregate $800 million USD worth token i.e. 80% of Uniswap total Asset. Sushi listed with an average price of $1.52 USD and now as of writing it already cross the $8 USD mark with a 426% price change. However, incoming weeks Sushi possibly cross the $10 USD mark and ended up by cross the $25 USD mark.