Stake Stablecoin USDT and TKX Token on Tokex Crypto Exchange, Up to 50% per Year

Stake Stablecoin USDT and TKX Token on Tokex Crypto Exchange, Up to 50% per Year

Tokex is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that offers users the opportunity to earn high rewards through the staking of two popular tokens: the stablecoin USDT and the native token TKX. With annual returns of up to 50% for staked TKX and 24% for staked USDT, Tokex is an attractive platform for anyone looking to earn passive income through cryptocurrency.

Key Takeaways

  • Staking when you lock crypto assets to help support the operation of a blockchain in exchange for rewards.
  • USDT Tether stablecoin is available on several platforms for staking, but only on with 24% yearly rewards.
  • Tokex clients can decide on the locking period, up to two years.
  •  Tokex Staking Pools

What is staking and how does it work? Essentially, staking is a way for users to earn rewards by holding and “staking” their tokens on a platform, rather than actively trading them. This process involves locking the tokens in a wallet and using them to help verify transactions and update the blockchain. In return for their participation, users are rewarded with a portion of the platform’s transaction fees or new tokens.

Staking is different from the more well-known process of mining, which involves using specialized hardware to solve complex computational puzzles and earn rewards in the form of new tokens. Staking is a more energy-efficient and user-friendly alternative, as it doesn’t require any special hardware and can be done simply by holding and staking the tokens.

Tokex is a compliant-centralized crypto exchange that offers a range of innovative products and services to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and easy to use. Its native token, TKX, is expected to see strong growth in the coming years, making it an attractive option for staking. In addition to the potential for high returns, staking TKX on Tokex also helps to maintain the security of the platform.

If you’re interested in earning passive income through cryptocurrency staking, consider creating an account on and exploring the staking options available for USDT and TKX. With the potential for high returns and the added security of a regulated exchange, Tokex is a great choice for anyone looking to get started with staking.


Tokex is a cryptocurrency exchange designed to make it easy for users to buy, sell, and stake their assets. With a focus on user convenience, Tokex offers a range of services including crypto loans, staking options for USDT and TKX, and the ability to purchase and sell cryptocurrency using traditional payment methods like the card and wire transfer.

In addition to these features, Tokex is also regulated and follows strict anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to ensure the safety and security of its users. With a high liquidity system and over-risk control mechanisms in place for spot, margin, and futures trading, Tokex is a trusted and reliable platform for all your cryptocurrency needs.

One of the standout features of Tokex is its support for ETF trading, which allows users to diversify their portfolios and access a wider range of assets. Despite being operational for less than two years, Tokex has already obtained a license for digital assets and financial services, making it a strong choice for anyone looking to get involved in the world of cryptocurrency.