Robinhood Listed Shiba Inu Coin for Public Trading

Shiba Inu Robinhood Listing Date Shiba Inu Petition There were millions of Shiba Inu Crypto holders that were running the Shiba Inu Petition for the Shiba Inu Robinhood Listing. There were many rumors that Robinhood can list SHIB Coin at any time in 2022. And now the good news has come and Robinhood listed Shiba Inu Coin for the public trading.

Robinhood Listed Shiba Inu Coin

After many months of rumors and speculations, finally, the Robinhood exchange decided to list Shiba Inu Coin for public trading. Millions of SHIB holders were waiting for Shiba Inu Robinhood Listing because they were expecting the same boom with SHIB that was created by Dogecoin.

However, the value of SHIB Coin hasn’t jumped as much as SHIB Coin traders were expecting from the Robinhood listing. After listing on Robinhood the Shiba Inu Coin jumped around 20%.

Will Shiba Inu Robinhood Listing help Boom?

Will the cost of a Shiba Inu increase once more after Robinhood listing? Can SHIB hit 1 cent in 2022?

These are a few questions that every Shiba Investor is asking right now. Since the coin has touched a new ATH of $0.00008845 in just a span of 1 month. Some crypto experts and investors are optimistic that Shiba Inu prices can skyrocket after the Robinhood listing.

However, there’s no way to predict the price movement 100% accurately and the direction of Shiba Inu, or any other cryptocurrency but it’s damn true that the listing of new tokens helps to boom its price in most cases.

There are speculations that SHIB Coin is again ready for a bull run in 2022. We can expect that SHIB can see a good upgrade in its value in the upcoming months.

SHIB Coin Price Prediction

If it comes to price prediction of SHIB Coin it again thrashed all price predictions. No one could have guessed what the trading price will be as of today. The coin started rising and it is still rising like nothing we have ever seen. Investors thought that it might stop at that price point. But it seems like this did not happen.

We have analyzed many price forecasts and crypto analysts haven’t imagined such a high rise with SHIB as it saw in October month. However, after a bull run, SHIB is again down in the starting month of 2022. For year-by-year price prediction of SHIB Coin click here.

Will Shiba Reach 1 cent in 2022?

No doubt the coin has the potential to touch the moon. However, we can’t expect that SHIB can touch the 1 cent mark in 2022. The crypto community is optimistic that Shiba Inu prices will resume their upward trend and continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

However, no one price projection we’ve seen suggests that SHIB coins can hit 1 cent cap anytime soon. As per some crypto analysts, SHIB can hit 1 cent cap before 2025. However, there are strong possibilities that the SHIB coin will recover its value in 2022.

Can I invest in SHIB in 2022?

If you are thinking to invest in the SHIB coin it’s a good time to buy. Even after Robinhood listing, SHIB Coin didn’t jump as much as crypto traders were expecting. Still, SHIB Coin is down more than 50% from its recent ATH at the time of writing.

Due to huge community support, SHIB Coin may rise in the upcoming months. However, we always suggest crypto traders must do their own research before making any investment. Cryptos are volatile and they change their price direction in a few seconds.