Pancakeswap Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

Pancakeswap Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030Pancakeswap Overview

Project namePancakeSwap
Ticker SymbolCake
Total Supply162,260,924
Based onBSC
Launched year2020
All-time high$1.62 USD
Exchange PlatformPancakeswap, Binance, BKEX, Bithumb, Hotbit

Pancakeswap Price Prediction: Pancakeswap Food theme-based Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Platform running on Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap becomes one of the most popular BEP20 token platforms that support AMM i.e., Automated Market maker. The platform offers same staking or yield farming mechanism that allow user earn platform official token for staking different token. PancakeSwap will have a similar theme as the Sushiswap Exchange platform but they use different blockchain.

There are several reasons behind BSC implementation is to have a higher number of transactions per second, as we know Ethereum Blockchain facing a scalability problem. BSC also maximizes earnings through staking and it also charges very low transaction fees.

PancakeSwap has a different approach while swapping tokens where there is no order book instead the user will trade against the liquidity pool. however, users will deposit in the pool and then receive LP tokens as rewards from liquidity providers. The platform introduced a lottery system with a ticket where the user has to buy a ticket to win the competition. IFO is a new fund-raising program known as an initial farm offering that is supported by the platform, where the new projects will be listed and users can participate in them.

Pancakeswap Price Prediction

Month & YearCAKE Price Prediction
August 2021$24.3395
September 2021$45.1812
October 2021$51.0110
November 2021$54.8004
December 2021$62.6707
January 2022$84.2410
February 2022$90.7996
March 2022$138.4584
April 2022$163.2352
May 2022$190.9269
June 2022$177.8098
July 2022$221.5335
August 2022$237.5655
September 2022$265.2572
October 2022$211.3313
November 2022$252.1401
December 2022$298.7788
March 2023$266.7147
June 2023$284.2042
September 2023$320.6406
January 2025$657.3133
March 2025$600.4724
May 2025$644.1961
July 2025$569.8658
September 2025$660.2282
October 2025$682.0900
Decemeber 2025$717.0690
January 2030$1,270.9028
March 2030$1,346.6906
May 2030$1,463.2872
July 2030$1,518.6705
September 2030$1,402.0740
December 2030$1,566.7666

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Pancakeswap Price Analysis

PancakeSwap one of the most successful project running of Binance smart chain. as it was launched by Binance Launchpool program along with Burgerswap. Another project has not able to make that much impact comparing Pancakeswap but this project already complete two IEOs of a new project. looking at market volume and asset locked volume PancakeSwap with BNB pool gaining popularity and expected to cross $500 million in future.

Cake price started climbing since November 2020, as it was raised from $0.25 USD to $1.62 USD with almost 500% price change. The cake is the second token of the pancakeswap platform, as users need to stake the cake token to get the Syrup token. in order to earn Cake Token users, need to stake Liquidity Pool Tokens. Cake following a bullish trend since last year and is expected to continue the momentum for the rest of the year 2021.