Ethereum Meta Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

Ethereum Meta Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

Coin name Ethereum Meta
Coin Symbol ETHM
Total Supply 992,099,000,000,000 ETHM
Official website
Based on Metaverse
Launched year 2016
All-time high $0.05132 (November 2018)
Exchange Platform PancakeSwap (V2), TraderJoe, QuickSwap, STEX, and Crex24.
Wallet Trust Wallet, Metamask.

You may ask that what is the Ethereum Meta Price Prediction for 2025? Is ETHM a good investment? Or when Ethereum Meta will hit $0.01, $0.1$? How much will Ethereum Meta be worth in 2025? Here we will try to analyze the potential of Ethereum Meta for the next 10 years.

According to the project’s website, Ethereum Meta (ETHM) works on the Ethereum platform and claims to have a secure transport layer. The Ethereum Meta project addresses a major weakness in Ethereum: the lack of privacy. Ethereum Meta enables smart contracts where no friend, family, nor foe can see what you bought or for how much.

Ethereum Meta Price Prediction

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2022 $0.0017 $0.0038 $0.0051
2023 $0.0046 $0.0097 $0.012
2024 $0.016 $0.038 $0.054
2025 $0.051 $0.067 $1.04
2026 $0.63 $0.75 $0.95
2027 $0.82 $0.91 $1.01
2028 $0.97 $01.19 $1.31
2029 $2.04 $2.25 $3.29
2030 $2.37 $3.38 $5.43

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The ETHM coin has huge potential, with certain innovations and partnerships that may increase the number of investors in the project. If the market concentrates on investing in Ethereum Meta, the price might rise much higher in the next few months.

It’s not easy to make an accurate price forecast, especially if the market is more bullish or bearish. The Ethereum Meta value is increasing because of the efforts of the network developers and community investors. We can see a sudden spike again in ETHM as we saw at the starting of 2022.

Ethereum Meta Price Prediction 2022

With the huge community support, Ethereum Meta’s price can touch a new high in 2022. As per our analysis, the maximum price of the ETHM Coin can be around $0.0051 while the minimum can go up to $0.0017. If everything goes fine the average price of Ethereum meta will be $0.0038 for the year of 2022.

Ethereum Meta Price Prediction 2025

Considerably there is a higher chance that ETHM will be in a better position in the next 5 years. The average predicted price of ETHM for 2025 is $0.067 depending on the market. The ETHM’s maximum price can reach up to the level of $$1.04 while the minimum price can be around $0.051.

Ethereum Meta Price Prediction 2030

If everything goes well, in 2030, with more adoption and partnerships between other important blockchain networks, the price of Ethereum Meta would skyrocket. The maximum trading price may reach $5.43 in 2030. We can expect an average price of  $3.38 with a minimum price of $2.37 for 2030.

Is Ethereum Meta a Good Investment?

Ethereum Meta’s value is expected to continue to expand, long-term investment in this crypto appears to be a good option. However, be aware that there is some risk to any investment. Cryptos are volatile and can change their price direction at any time.

How to Buy Ethereum Meta?

Currently, ETHM is not listed in any premier exchange but you can buy it with any wallet like Metamask or Trust wallet. If you wish to buy Ethereum Meta, the top crypto exchanges for trading are PancakeSwap (V2), QuickSwap, STEX, and Crex24.

Apart from Ethereum Meta price prediction, we suggest our readers conduct the maximum research possible before making any investment in ETHM or any other crypto. As you know that Cryptos change their prices every second and thrash all price forecasts.