Best NFT Marketplaces to Buy and Sell NFTs

Best NFT Marketplaces to buy NFTs Tokens (Top-8)You may ask What are the Best NFT Marketplaces? or What are the top NFT marketplaces? Choosing the most suitable marketplace will depend on a number of factors such as which blockchain NFTs you want to trade and what kind of art or digital asset you are after.

Once you make your decision based on these factors it becomes easier to navigate around and find the best NFT marketplaces that suit your needs and wants. Probably the most popular NFT marketplace out there.

Today, most NFTs are purchased with ether (ETH), the native currency of the Ethereum network, which is easily converted to U.S. dollars on crypto trading platforms.

In order to buy NFTs, you will need to establish a digital wallet to store your cryptocurrency. Examples include Metamask, which you can connect to the NFT marketplace where you plan to buy NFTs.

What are the Best NFT Marketplaces?

Check our below suggestions for the top NFT marketplaces that you can consider to start your NFTs journey.


Founded in 2018, OpenSea is one of the earliest NFT marketplaces established and features a massive library of content with prices across the board. The site deals in all kinds of NFTs ranging from digital art to 3D collectibles and items used in video games. OpenSea is also completely open to newcomers making it easy to get started here.

The site is extremely accessible to those new to NFTs and has one of the best experiences for browsing pieces. OpenSea is also the first NFT marketplace to openly experiment with a free creation system for creators.

NFTs are often sold through an auction system where you will put in a bid for the NFT. OpenSea offers an option to buy the NFT now for a set price.


Is another popular NFT marketplace and has some unique features. For example, if an artist wants to have a royalty applied to the transactions of their NFT, the Rarible platform makes it possible.

In the midst of a shift to become a decentralized autonomous organization, Rarible will soon be governed by the rules of the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for the public, permissionless use.

Lots of impressive contemporary digital art gets listed on Rarible each week and collections hit staggering 10s of millions of dollars in weekly revenue. Again, you won’t have any trouble connecting with your MetaMask or Coinbase wallet. Additionally, Rarible also supports Portis Solana wallet for those interested in a blockchain that has recently gone parabolic.


SuperRare is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling single-edition digital artwork. A tile of windows similar to an Instagram profile showcases art, list prices, sale prices, and timed auctions. This NFT marketplace/platform has slightly more art orientation and less playful collections than others.

SuperRare hosts many pieces of digital art that touch on very interesting topics such as society and philosophy. So, serious artwork here, and it only allows three crypto wallets to connect: MetaMask, Fortmatic, and Wallet Connect. If you have to use another wallet this marketplace won’t work for you.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a highly curated NFT marketplace where you can find many original collections that aren’t listed elsewhere. Another unique selling point of Nifty Gateway is that it offers direct credit card purchases.

In case you have limited access to a centralized crypto exchange or you want to make an immediate transaction you can purchase an NFT within seconds on Nifty Gateway. Similar to SuperRare, the art on Nifty is typically pretty expensive, and new artists will have to apply before they can post work on the site.


NFTrade is the first cross-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform. This new marketplace is being created by reputable developer teams every week or month. You can say the NFT ecosystem is absolutely booming in 2021.

You can find many interesting and unique NFTs based on up-and-coming blockchains like BSC, Polygon, or Avalanche in addition to Ethereum. Using NFTrade, anyone can gain access to the entirety of their NFT, unlocking the total value of the NFT market.

NBA Top Shot – Best NFT Marketplaces for NBA Fans

NBA Top Shot is an NFT platform that was launched in July 2019 by the NBA in partnership with the NBA Player Association and Dapper Labs that allows people to collect, buy, and sell NBA’s official licensed highlights, photos, and videos as NFTs. A Lebron James NBA highlight was sold for $200,000.

More than 600,000 people have already sent more than $300 million on NBA Top Shot and have collected NFTs.

Decentraland – NFT Marketplaces to Buy Virtual Land

Self-branded on its homepage as the first-ever virtual world owned by users, Decentraland takes the concept of the metaverse to its logical conclusion. By allowing users to explore casinos, underwater kingdoms, and visions of space while using a builder tool to develop land holdings and amass power and influence.

Playable with a VR headset or from a web browser, the game functions as a self-contained marketplace. The users can buy and sell land, estates, avatar clothing, and names registered on the Ethereum ledger.

Axie Infinity – NFT Marketplaces for Gamers

The Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired video game, where players collect cartoon pets, battle other players, and build farming kingdoms. Axie Infinity reported on its website that it averaged more than 23 million monthly players between September 18-October 18, 2021. Characters and land plots are encrypted as NFTs. Collectors and gamers can buy them on an online marketplace, with animals selling & virtual land plots.